Share The River

Please be on the lookout for skull boats on the Mystic River around the MBTA bridge. There is poor visibility for the teams as they come around the corner. We ask all members stay in the channel by going around the blue floats in front of Mystic Wellington. Please avoid using the center of the river by Winter Hill Yacht Club. The center of the river will be used by the CREW teams. You can view the map of the channel in the below link.

Welcome to the Riverside Yacht Club

Welcome to Riverside Yacht Club we are a family oriented boating club. Riverside Yacht Club was founded in 1960 on the banks of the Mystic River where shipbuilding once was once part of it’s heritage and a pinnacle in Massachusetts.

Medford’s Riverside Ave was once home to a number of ship yards which built 568 sailing ships in Medford. Timber was brought down to Medford via the Middlesex canal to the Medford ship yards. Ships were launched into the Mystic River on the banks where Riverside Yacht Club currently stands today. At one point one fourth of all ships were built in Medford until Iron steam ships were favored over wooden ships.

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